Blank Slate Brewing Co.

The concept behind Blank Slate Brewing Co lies within its own name; that every can starts a new adventure similar to starting a new story from a blank slate. This concept is also shown through the icon within the logo; the three rectangles are a representation of the ‘start of trail blaze’ that is used to mark on trees to let hikers and outdoors people know where a beginning of a trail is.
The target audience is people ages 25-40 who enjoy the beauty and challenges of the outdoors, attracting women of the outdoors to try buying beer (beer drinkers are dominantly male). This is achieved through colour scheme, a modern minimalistic logo, and a slightly feminine feel. Overall Blank Slate brewing represents nature, strength, and that the outdoors is to be enjoyed by everyone.
A microsite for Blank Slate features their current product and promotes upcoming releases. The website not only highlights what the company is all about but the projects they are working on as well.
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