For the holidays in 2020 while interning at Bridgemark we compiled recipes from coworkers because while working from home we could not share the delicious meals and treats in person.
As the intern I was given the recipes and was given the task to present them in an interesting manner. After discussing a few different ideas we chose to go with a home scrap book look (after all these recipes did come from many different homes) and create a holiday character to be animated throughout the video.
From there I laid out all the pages, drew some characters to choose from (ultimately we decided on the moose), and then brought the moose character to life to bring some entertainment and liveliness to each page. The final video was created as a fun teaser for the static PDF that was distributed via email throughout the office before holiday break. 
This was a really fun project to spread some holiday cheer and getting to be really creative!
This project was completed during my internship at Bridgemark under the direction of my creative director and project manager. The recipes were provided from co-workers. The page layout, typesetting, illustration, and illustration animation was done by myself. The sound and page-turning effect was added in afterwards by our video editor.
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