Here is a collection of various Nescafe projects I have worked on with accompanying descriptions below each.
Cup Of Respect In-store Signage
The main focus of the above in-store signage was to promote the Cup Of Respect Initiative. 
I utilized the Cup Of Respect leaf graphic to create an interesting and organic die-cut while still leveraging their iconic red cup below.  The Cup Of Respect logo was backed by further information on the other panel below the Nescafe logo.
Nescafe Gold Espresso
Nescafe Gold Espresso is a new line of soluble coffee and was also extended to a large pack of Kuerig capsules (shown to left of jar). Flavour offerings were also extended to decaf (shown below) and then bold.
Assets to be maintained in this package design were the Nescafe logo size and position and the design also needed to incorporate the espresso mug and the dab (located on the right side of the mug).
Sweet & Creamy Display
The main message of the display was to showcase that the product is a soluble that can be added to hot water to create an instant flavourful warm beverage. Other key messages the flavour, the new look flash, and the grown respectfully logo.
Nescafe Columbian Tray
Above are some tray design options that I created for Nescafe's Rich Columbian instant coffee. The design required the use of only 2 colours and to incorporate certain coffee. I showed options utilizing just typography, then adding the iconic Nescafe cup to some, and finally adding in a pattern that was used on the package that would be sitting in the tray. 
All of the above Nescafe projects were completed at Bridgemark during my internship (with the creative insight and direction of my creative and design directors – Cory Roberts & Jason Da Silva – as well as the project management team).
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